Competitive Debate

Debate is not only an immensely fun activity. It is a full on, competitive sport. The competitive nature of debate demands not just mere proficiency, but complete mastery in the art of persuasion to best any opponent. In the same way that professional athletes would breeze through a regular physical fitness test, competitive debaters should have no issues convincing people in the real world. The value of competition goes beyond sportsmanship. Developing a competitive drive, an unrelenting desire to succeed, learning how to triumph over adversity and challenges, is what primes debaters to be winners off the debate floor.

But not everyone feels that they can be competitive. Not everyone thinks they can succeed. Maybe they feel that they started too late and will lag behind their peers. Maybe they don’t come from the best schools, the best teams. Maybe there are no opportunities to debate in school, especially since some schools choose to specialise in the performing arts or traditional sports instead. 


That is where we come in. We constantly refine our debate and coaching techniques  because we need to win, and we know how to help our students to do the same. We are obsessed with being the best in the game. With our professional programs and guidance, you will learn not just to participate, you will learn to win.


To set each student up to achieve, we go beyond the prep/debate/debrief formula employed everywhere. Taking a multidisciplinary approach through extensive study of learning processes, competitive psychology, and the evolution of debating techniques, we push the boundaries of conventional training methods. We understand that traditional debate clubs often struggle with limited resources and some students fall by the wayside. That’s why we ensure that class sizes are kept as small as possible; to have focused attention from some of the best coaches in the circuit. Because there is no competition for team slots, or for the attention of a school coach, every student can grow in a relaxed environment without the fear of failure. In fact, we encourage you to make mistakes in our classes, so you will not repeat them when it counts in selections for the school team or in a tournament.


Our classes function as a debate community outside of the school setting, allowing individuals deprived of competitive experience access to a pool of debaters to form teams with, along with support structures and professional guidance when participating in competitions locally.