Educating Through Debate

We empower youth to question the world around them and to succeed in life, all through the incredible tool of debate.


Track Record

When it comes to education, there can never be any compromise on quality. That is why we have worked tirelessly to guarantee the best possible training environment for our students. Our unrelenting drive and passion for the sport has allowed us to consistently produce articulate, well-informed, global citizens. Each one of them are able to utilise their oratorical skills to advocate for change - to win on the debate floor and in life.



National titles

With championships in all 3 divisions at the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships, along with national wins at the Junior College, Polytechnic, and Institute of Technical Education levels, we know what it takes to create winners.



Years honing our craft

We have been debating for a long time, a really long time. Gain access to exclusive insights gleaned through our  cumulative experience coaching, competing, and judging at international events. 



Students impacted

Speech impediments, fear of public speaking, illiteracy in global affairs - there isn't a problem we haven't encountered. Experiencing a comprehensive debate education will change lives both in and out of the sport.


Our Programs

We understand that there are a variety of students each with differing needs and challenges in their path to debating excellence. Whether you are an experienced speaker trying to attain new heights or just someone who is curious about debating and wishes to find out more, The Rhetoric Collective has a range of programs designed for you.


Regular classes

Every student will undergo an initial 12-week program designed to create a strong foundation for further development. With student to trainer ratios at 10:1 or lower, and age differentiated programs, we ensure that each participant is able to excel.

Personal Coaching

A premium option for those who want a bespoke program and individual development without the constraints of a full class. Be prepared for high intensity sessions to accelerate growth. Online and in-person options are available.

Financial Aid

Nobody should be denied the opportunity to succeed because of financial difficulties. We have spent the bulk of our careers sharing our knowledge with those who lack resources. Our vision is to make debate accessible to all.


 We run one of the most popular debate publications in the world. For free. Our articles and podcasts are viewed and shared by thousands of people who value the unique perspectives and insights we bring to the community.


Start Debating

"Freedom is hammered out on the anvil of discussion, dissent, and debate."

Hubert H. Humphrey


Enroll in a Class

Class capacity is limited to ensure quality and consistency. Sign up early to avoid the wait for new classes to open.

Arrange a diagnostic session

A non-committal, exploratory session to learn how we can best guide your development as a speaker.

Require more information?

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If there’s a debater I’ve never actually debated with, whom I want to debate with, that might be Alfred Goh. He can be incredibly funny, and the last couple of times I saw him debate he turned out to be an excellent rhetorician. He is a joy to watch.

Ashish Kumar
World Universities Debating Championship 2015 - Best Speaker
World Schools Debating Championship 2011 - Champion

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